Voice Recording

Voice Recording

Customer service and training initiatives, security policies and concerns, and government and industry regulations are among the many reasons you may need to record business calls.

ConvergeOne's software-based Voice Recording solution offers fulltime compliance recording to help large contact centers increase effectiveness, reduce liability, resolve disputes, and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It supports large, multi-site, virtual, and outsourced contact centers.

Incorporating sophisticated speech analytics, text analytics, enterprise feedback management, and customer feedback survey functions, ConvergeOne Voice Recording gives you valuable insight into your customers’ interactions and sentiments. The result: You make better, more strategic decisions affecting costs, revenue, customer satisfaction, and competitiveness.

For mobile phone recording, ConvergeOne’s SilentPartner is a public-safety solution that allows emergency first responders, investigators, and supervisory staff to record audio text messages, photos, and videos; record all calls or a select number of their calls while on a scene; and transmit everything securely to the Voice Recording database.

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Voice and Screen Recording

Synchronized voice/data recording and real-time monitoring occurs across VoIP or traditional phone systems. It can also capture the corresponding activities taking place at agents’ desktops, such as keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation, and after-call wrap-up.

Centralized Administration and Reporting

Allows administration from a single point in the system for consistent, uniform recording practices throughout your organization.

Mobile Phone Recording

Captures calls from mobile phones.

Selective Retention and Archiving

Retains contact center recordings in accordance with corporate and legal mandates.

Recording Encryption

Protects data, such as credit card swipes, when they are recorded, in transit, and archived.

SilentPartner Mobile Recording Platform

Ensures that emergency responders are able to securely record and transmit critical information on-site. Features include:

  • 1024-bit encryption secure file transfer from phone to HQ
  • Digital fingerprinting of files to guarantee authenticity
  • Data capture
  • Caller ID
  • Dialed digits display
  • GPS location at start and end of call
  • Android OS compatibility
  • Browser-based playback
  • Ability to handle VoIP, traditional telephones, radio, and mobile phones
  • Speech analytics (have software “listen” to the content of all of your calls)
  • Ability to configure the application to record all calls, record based on pressing “start,” and record all calls with the option to stop recording