PRI or T1 Circuits

PRI or T1 Circuits

For offices with more than a half dozen people, ConvergeOne's PRI (Primary Rate Interface) circuit, commonly called a T1 line, provides major economies of scale and performance advantages over individual voice and data lines.

With it, you can place and/or receive up to 24 simultaneous outside voice calls or data connections over two pairs of copper lines. It also offers the capacity for voice, data, videoconferencing, and analog fax service to scores of internal phone and data lines.

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An RGTS PRI circuit delivers a variety of performance capabilities not available with individual dedicated voice and data lines:

Direct Inward Dialing

Outsiders can call internal extensions directly, without having to go through a PBX Auto-Attendant.

Caller ID

The unique number for each extension can be displayed on outgoing calls. Call-center applications can use the unique caller ID number to differentiate various services.

Call Hunting

Any designated phone on any free channel can receive multiple incoming calls to a general number. Busy signals are avoided or eliminated.

Flexible Billing

Flexible Billing options are available. For example, billing can be itemized by department.