Hosted PBX Solutions

Hosted PBX Solutions

Leverage Private Carrier-Grade Infrastructure

Businesses accustomed to the sophisticated features and convenience of PBX (Private Branch Exchange) voice and data service can leverage a new order of performance, cost efficiency, failure resilience, and disaster recovery through ConvergeOne's Hosted PBX solutions.

ConvergeOne is experienced in providing creative technology solutions and exceptional service to business clients with PBX voice and data systems.

With ConvergeOne’s carrier-grade service infrastructure and protections, small- and medium-size businesses gain powerful PBX services and capabilities ordinarily available only to large enterprises.

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  • Leverage private carrier-grade infrastructure, performance, and failure-resilience protections.
  • Scale service configuration easily, as needed.
  • Draw from dozens of performance features and a wide selection of advance, feature-rich telephone sets.
  • Implement new services and technology innovations quickly, easily.