Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions

Intelligent, Personalized Automated Call Distribution for Productive, Satisfying Matches Between Your Staff and Your Customers

ConvergeOne Call Center solutions deliver a unified, highly personalized customer experience that fosters customer loyalty while making the most effective and efficient use of your call-answering agents. Choose whether your customer should be served by the:

  • least busy agent,
  • first available agent, or
  • agent whose skills best match your customer’s needs

Leverage Your Company’s Full Potential for Service and Sales

ConvergeOne Call Center solutions enable clients to converge and leverage the full service and sales potential of their call agents, customer data, and diverse voice and text communication channels.

ConvergeOne’s sophisticated Call Center tools are cost-effective and scalable, giving small- and medium-size businesses powerful capabilities ordinarily available only to large enterprises. Robust Call Center configurations serve large enterprises with worldwide operations equally well.

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  • Match each incoming call automatically, immediately, to the most capable agent available.
  • Empower your agents, wherever they are, with crucial customer profile and historical data displays to assist each customer intelligently, effectively.
  • Unify voice with email to serve customers and prospects via their preferred method of communication.
  • Draw seamlessly from agents working at home and across continents.
  • Support your agents with integrated capabilities to connect with experts as needed, so customer inquiries are satisfied on the spot.
  • Manage Call Center operations globally, while viewing and responding to crucial realtime and historical operations data.
  • Analyze historical and realtime reporting data so you can quickly adapt your contact center to changing business needs.