Presence solutions from ConvergeOne help your company’s employees collaborate by identifying who is available at any given moment, and how they can best be reached. Presence technology makes it possible to determine a person’s availability and location as soon as he or she connects to your network.

ConvergeOne solutions can integrate Presence functionality across multiple platforms, devices, and applications — smartphones, desk phones, desk PCs, laptops, and tablets. This turns potential connection barriers into bridges, speeding and simplifying your employees’ ability to connect and collaborate, regardless of where they are and which device they’re using at any given moment. 

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Here are several examples of how ConvergeOne can integrate Presence technology to improve your employees’ ability to collaborate:

  • Incorporating Presence technology into your company’s private network directory with an availability status indicator for each person listed.
  • Making your company directory available across multiple wired and wireless platforms, so that authorized personnel and devices can connect easily and from anywhere.
  • Integrating Presence functionality with popular meeting scheduling applications such as Microsoft Outlook, making employees’ scheduling simpler, faster, and more successful.

Individuals can protect their personal privacy by selecting how and when their online presence or location is available for others to see.

ConvergeOne closely monitors progress by the Internet Engineering Task Force to develop industry standards for Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP). As these standards evolve and come to market, Presence technology becomes increasingly interoperable, versatile, and beneficial for ConvergeOne’s clients.