Collaboration solutions from ConvergeOne integrate your company’s existing communication tools for combined, leveraged effectiveness that is greater than the sum of the parts — that is, the desk phones, mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, email, databases, instant messaging, etc. 

For all the tremendous productivity strides that companies have achieved through communications technology over the past three decades, their employees can still spend a lot of time juggling different devices and working through or around various steps in order to connect and collaborate with people.

By integrating your company’s communication tools, ConvergeOne raises your employees’ crucial ability to collaborate — easily, fluidly, immediately — with colleagues, clients, partners, and consultants.

Continuous Improvement Opportunities

ConvergeOne Collaboration solutions focus on business processes and improvement opportunities, as opposed to individual technology tools, systems, or services.

As a result, some Collaboration solutions can be broad and extensive; other solutions can be simple and limited, while still yielding significant benefits to a client company. As business operations, priorities, and communications technology evolve, newer improvement opportunities always move within reach.

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Specific Collaboration solutions vary with the needs and operating circumstances of each client, and with the best proven technology and tools on the market at any given time. Here are some general descriptions and examples of ConvergeOne’s effective approach to Collaboration.

  • Increase the certainty or odds of connecting with a desired person on the first attempt.
    • Integrated Presence applications can let an employee know whether and how best a specific individual can be reached immediately.
  • Streamline or eliminate the various manual steps necessary to connect to people.
    • Click-to-Call applications that are integrated with company directories and personal contact lists across multiple devices can replace error-prone 10-digit entries with a single button click.
  • Enable smooth transitions from one communications medium to another, without breaking or interrupting an existing connection:
    • Between desk phone and mobile phone
    • From online chat or instant message to a voice call
    • From a one-on-one call to a conference call
  • Provide common, consistent information across diverse devices.
    • A company directory or personal contact list remains up-to-date on a desk phone, smartphone, PC, etc.
  • Display valuable database information automatically to support incoming calls.
    • As a call from a client or recognized number comes in, an integrated database and device screen can automatically display the prior call history associated with that number and any notations previously added.