Managed Colocation Services

Managed Colocation Services

ConvergeOne provides premium data center Hosting Services for secure, reliable colocation of your company’s servers. ConvergeOne data center Hosting Services provide businesses with a comprehensive, cost-efficient approach for server management, connectivity, reliability, disaster resilience, and security.

ConvergeOne’s data center is designed with highly redundant systems to maximize availability, prevent outages, and survive disasters. The facility’s staff of technically advanced engineers constantly monitors critical systems, such as power, HVAC, and fire suppression. 

ConvergeOne’s technical support team will assist your company during installation to assure smooth migration, so that your mission-critical servers are online as quickly as possible.  To safeguard continuous, optimal performance, your servers can receive 24/7/365 monitoring from ConvergeOne’s Network Operations Center.

Cabinets and Cages

ConvergeOne offers three equipment-hosting options:

  • ConvergeOne-supplied cabinet
  • Your own cabinet, depending on footprint
  • Custom cage built to your specifications

ConvergeOne cabinets are designed for colocation and sized to handle most original manufacturer's equipment.

Accessible Horizontal Backbone

Horizontal backbone distribution is readily available for quick and easy interconnection. Whether you require UTP, coax, or fiber, ample distribution exists throughout the facility for connectivity and expedient hand-offs.

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Security: Data center facility protections include multiple security guards, motion-activated security cameras, biometric/proximity card access control, and wedge barriers at the building’s truck dock. Data center has SAS 70 Type II compliance.

Power: Eight primary power-station feeds enter the building via two physically separated routes. Multiple UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems — static/battery, static/flywheel, rotary, and 24 rooftop generators — provide N+1 power redundancy with 10.2 MW total capacity. DC power is also available upon request.

HVAC: The cooling system has been designed for appropriate airflow, temperature, and humidity for proper equipment operation. Multiple independent HVAC systems provide  N+1 redundant backup.

Fire Detection and Suppression: The data center is equipped with FM-200 extinguisher systems, VESDA (very early smoke detection alarm) systems, and a dry pipe pre-action sprinkler system with cross-zone detection.