ConvergeOne Carrier Service Audit

ConvergeOne Carrier Service Audit

— Prevent Costly Recurring Billing Errors
— Stop Paying for Unused and Under-Used Circuits
— Secure Best Prices From Current Carrier or Competitors

Costly recurring telecom billing errors go undetected when little time and scant resources are available to accurately review invoices and contracts. Even the most meticulous companies may find errors of 7% to 12% or more on their telecommunications billings. 

Without thorough, consistent audits of their telecommunications invoices, companies typically forfeit an extra 10% or more on their monthly network service spending. Healthcare facilities are particularly susceptible to such billing errors, because of the complexity of their operations and their eligibility for special rates, provisions, and exemptions that their service providers may miss.

ConvergeOne’s expert Carrier Service Audits can lower costs, often significantly, while improving quality of service to employees and customers.

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What a ConvergeOne Carrier Service Audit Can Do for You

ConvergeOne performs expert Carrier Service Audits and competitive research to identify and remedy billing errors, unused services, and un-competitive pricing, while optimizing services and performance:

  •  Review, identify, recommend, and adjust service levels to pre-determined client specifications with vendors to obtain an optimal mix of services, performance, and costs.
    • Identify errors on billed versus contracted rates
    • Benchmark costs across multiple locations and thousands of phone lines
    • Remove obsolete, previously disconnected services
    • Obtain credit/refunds for unauthorized third-party charges (slamming)
    • Obtain credit/refunds for overcharged taxes/surcharges
    • Provide a comprehensive inventory
    • Ensure proper rates and exemptions are applied for nonprofit organizations
  • Recommend and renegotiate services with existing and/or new vendors for better pricing and services.
  • Make recommendations on upgrading billing media.
  • Provide comprehensive up-to-date access to files and reports via online vendor portals.
  • Seamlessly migrate services to new or less expensive providers, while improving service levels and performance.