Why Choose ConvergeOne

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your voice and data service provider. Here are some of the many compelling reasons to choose ConvergeOne.

Our History

We have an exceptional heritage in delivering a full complement of voice and data solutions. That enables us to provide world-class, highly optimized technical solutions.

Our People

You will not find a company with a more experienced and knowledgeable staff than ConvergeOne. A number of our employees have been with us since our inception in 1984.


ConvergeOne has spent over a decade building up to the company we are today. With that knowledge, you can be assured of a long, successful relationship with us.

Our Brand

Clients recognize that ConvergeOne represents reliability, stability, integrity and strength.

One-Stop Shop

As a single-source provider, ConvergeOne can service all your voice and data needs. Why try to manage deal with three or four different companies and dispersed or uncertain accountability when you can have one company handle everything.


We pride ourselves on our exceptional service delivery. For clients within the buildings ConvergeOne already serves, we have the ability to turn up service faster than our competition, thanks to our infrastructure and relationships with building owners and property managers.

We Understand Your Needs

Our careful, in-depth understanding of our clients' specific business needs enables us to match the right solution to the problem.

Get a Competitive Advantage

Our exceptional customer service and operations enable our clients to more easily achieve the inherent advantages of managed voice, data, and network infrastructure services.

Extensive and Reliable Network

Our extensive and reliable network results in efficient and cost-effective provisioning. We have strong relationships with premium carriers, vendors, and partners. These relationships leverage our buying power.